Theme Testimonials

Here are a few customer testimonials.

I was about to spend about $500 on a guy to make a website for me and my friend to sell our beats. I was lucky to find your theme which was exactly what we needed.
Pedro Toribio
If you want an easy solution this is the way to go. It's fast if you follow the instructions with a very straight learning curve, no uphill battles here. If you have beats, content and ideas, get this theme NOW and begin immediately. My site is up and generating $$$ after only 2 days.
There are many features this theme offers and I'm looking forward to taking advantage of them all. I'll say I got my money's worth.
This theme lets you control all your business, with no need to worry about third party plugins or flash integration. This theme is made by a producer for producers.
The features are exactly what you need e.g. Instant downloads, free downloads, license check box etc. I would highly recommend the Music Maker theme to any producer out there. Save your money, buy this theme and be your own boss.
CrypMind Beats
The Music Maker Theme is amazing. It is everything any producer can use to get their website up and running with ease to look professional. For the price the Music Maker Theme is a no-brainer, stop messing with SoundClick, Bandcamp or these expensive website designers. It pays for itself after a few beat sales. GET YOURS NOW!!!!
Messy Beatz
Amazing WordPress theme, looks and feels professional!